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7 Kingsford Smith Place, Mangere, Auckland 2022

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Monday 8AM–6PM Tuesday 8AM–6PM Wednesday 8AM–6PM Thursday 8AM–6PM Friday 8AM–6PM Saturday 8AM–6PM Sunday 8AM–6PM

Useful Information

Price Information

Rental Period Calculation

The minimum charge is one day (24 hours) , unless "Calendar day" is indicated on the Rental Agreement. The daily charge applies to consecutive 24-hour periods starting at the hour and minute the rental begins or, if a calendar day is specified on the rental document, each consecutive calendar day or any part of a calendar day starting on the calendar day on which the rental commences.

Included in Price

• Collision Damage Waiver

• Theft Waiver

• Third Party Liability Protection

• Vehicle Rental

• Rate Distance Unlimited

• Taxes And Surcharges

Note: In the event of damage or theft of the hire car, you are liable to pay the excess amount of NZD 4,000 (USD 2,643).

Applicable Payable Fees&Charges

• Charges for vehicle pickup/return out of office hours, such as administration fees and garage parking fees

• Charges for additionals/extras, such as GPS Navigation, Child seats, Infant seats, etc

• Delivery/Collection service offered by car rental agent

• Charges&fines including tolls, cross-border fees, congestion charges, parking fees, speeding tickets or any other traffic fines

• Additional drivers (unless '1 Additional Driver(s) Included ' is stipulated on the rental, addition of drivers will incur charge per day.)

• Others not specified in car rental price inclusion


The charges above are not included in the rental price unless stipulated otherwise. If applicable, the charges incurred are payable in local currency at the rental counter. Please pay attention to the terms of Rental Agreement you will sign at the time of pickup and review the final invoice for such charges once received.

Credit Card Fee

1.99% Credit card service fee will apply in payments made at the rental counter in Australia or New Zealand. No credit card fee applies for prepaid rentals.

Additional Service

• Infant Safety Seat: NZD 2.14/day

• Child Safety Seat: NZD 2.14/day

• Child Booster Seat: NZD 2.14/day

• GPS Navigation: NZD 2.14/day

• Snow chains: NZD 2.86/day

The prices given are only in estimated amount(tax included/excluded in the rental price - varying from car rental agents). The charges incurred are payable in local currency at the rental counter.

If the prices stand to be confirmed, our customer representative will email you the details after you make a request in your booking on We.

Requests for additional service cannot be guaranteed as availability is subject to change.

Payment Method and Deposit

Payment Method

Accepted payment method(s) by EZU for payment due at pick-up:

Credit card(s) in the full name of the main driver

Accepted Credit Cards: UnionPay; Visa; Master

Debit card(s) in the name of main driver

Accepted Credit Cards: UnionPay; Visa; Master

*Accepted cards must be with magnetic stripes or chips.

In the case of payment made by credit cards not in the name of main driver at pick-up, the driver may need to supplement evidentiary materials for scrutiny of payments or car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. No funds paid will be reimbursed.


You may pay for your deposit by the following ways

NZD 1,500.00 (USD 990.79) for pre-authorization on main driver's credit card(s) at pick up.

NZD 1,500.00 (USD 990.79) from main driver's debit card(s) at pick up.

Usually a deposit will be held as a guarantee by car rental companies at pick-up. This will be fully released or refunded if there is no damage/theft of the vehicle or any due payment after car return. Please note that this does not represent your total excess liability which can be found in the Insurance Coverage/ Excess liability section.

In the event that you fail to present a valid payment method with enough funds for deposit,the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

Driver's Age Requirement

Minimum age limit for this car: 21 years old

Maximum age limit for this car: 75 years old

A young driver fee will apply for drivers at: 21 - 24 years old

Charge (only for reference):NZD10.00/day

If you fall out of the age limits,

① You might not be able to hire a car.

② You might be subject to charge of a young driver fee if you are under the minimum age limit) or

③ You might be subject to to charge of a senior driver fee or purchase of extra insurance if you are over the maximum age limit.

Please note that if applicable, such surcharge will be payable in local currency at the rental counter, tax excluded.

If the age limit stands to be confirmed, a general rule applies (stands to be corrected) :

① If you are under 25 years old, you may be charged of a young driver fee;

② If you are over 65 years old, you may be subject to charge of a senior driver fee or purchase of extra insurance.

In some car rental companies, additional age requirement may apply to certain car types.


Driver's age and driving licence requirements apply to additional drivers.

The number of additional drivers is limited to the number of passenger seats in the vehicle rented. Request to add drivers is made upon pickup at the rental counter.

Additional drivers should present the required license documents along with the main driver's for authorization at the time of pickup.

Additional charge may apply for adding addtional drivers and is paid in local currency at rental desk.

Car Type Description

The vehicles tagged “or similar” are displayed with images of similar cars in the same category. Vehicle make, model and color are not guaranteed at pick-up. However, you are entitled to a vehicle with the same passenger and luggage capacity in the same category.

If the car rental agent fails to provide you with a car of the same category, you are entitled to a refund or free upgrade.

If it is stipulated as "model guaranteed", the make and model of the vehicles are guaranteed at pick-up.

Insurance Information

Insurance Package Inclusion

• Collision Damage Waiver - Excess: NZD 4,000(USD 2,642)

In the case of damage to the bodywork of the rental car, it limits your financial loss to an excess, the maximum amount that you will have to pay. It usually does not cover the engine, windscreens, tyres, undercarriage, wheels, indicators, interior and towing charges, etc.

• Theft Waiver - Excess: NZD 4,000(USD 2,642)

It covers part of the replacing cost if the rental car is stolen or repairing cost if the car is damaged through an attempted theft during rental. It does not cover anything inside the car, such as luggage or GPS. It only limits your financial loss to an excess, sometimes known as the deductible - the maximum amount that you have to pay in the case of theft or attempted theft.

• Third Party Liability Protection

It pays out if you are deemed responsible for damage to third party's property, injury and even death. It does not cover any damage to you or the rental car and it excludes theft of the car. The cover may be invalidated if it does meet terms and conditions of the rental agreement or the relevant local laws.


• The excess(if applicable) is the maximum amount you will be held liable for in the case of damage or theft of the vehicle.

• The insurance package above does not cover windscreens, tyres, undercarriage, replacement locks, replacement keys and towing charges.

• Extended protection products/excess waiver products are available for purchase at the time of pickup. Renters may purchase them in their interests. We will not endorse any of these products.

• The insurance package will be nullified under any of the following circumstances:

• Damage caused by improper use of the vehicle, such as scratching the headstock when standing on the roof to take photos and ironing of the cigarette butts

• Vehicle theft due to loss or damage of the vehicle's key, or to park the vehicle for a long time in a sparsely populated area

• Damage by an unregistered driver driving the vehicle

• Damage due to speeding, drunk driving or violation of laws and regulations of the country of travel

• Damage caused by vehicle wading

• Vehicle repair costs not recognized by car rental agent

• Failure to call the Police (for official police report) and car rental agent in the case of accident or theft

• Damage and loss caused when driving across island or across country without consent and authorization of car rental agent

• For damage made by third party, car rental agent will deduct the cost from the deposit temporarily and will release it after compensation is made by third party.

Fuel policy

Fuel Policy

Full to Full

Pick up and drop off the car with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, the car hire company will charge the refuelling charges.


① Confirm with the rental counter about applicable fuel type of the vehicle and make sure you choose the right type when you refuel it.

② Take photos of the total mileage and fuel gauge at the time of pick-up and return and keep the last refueling documents. These materials would be helpful in the case of dispute over fuel, especially under full-to-full fuel policy.

Early/Late Pickup and Return Policy

Early Pickup

Early pickup might incur additional charge. In some cases, early pickup is not available due to unavailability of the vehicle you reserved.

Early Return

Early return might not be refunded for remaining rental period. Early return may be subject to additional charge such as administration fee in the case of vehicle return out of office hours

Late Pickup

If you are late for pickup, you might be regarded as NO SHOW and car rental agent might refuse to release your car or charge you.

In such case, no funds will be reimbursed. You are advised to leave your flight number at the time of booking for car rental agent to monitor flight delay. You are supposed to inform the car rental agent if you are about to run late for pickup, even you have left your flight number in the case of flight delay.

Late Return

Late return might incur additional rental charge which varies from how long you have timed out beyond the end of the rental period.

If you are about to run late for return or if you want to extend rental period, you are advised to contact car rental agent in advance to authorize it.

Any unauthorized late return will incur a surcharge in addition to the total rental charge and might lead to lawful indictment against you.

Out-of-hour Policy

Pick-up or drop-off out of office hours might not be allowed or might be subject to additional charge unless self-service pickup or return is available.

Please note that Rental Agreement does not automatically end the moment you drop off the keys. We recommend that you take photos of the vehicle to keep track of the state of the vehicle.

Travel Restrictions

Restrictions and fees may apply if you are to travel across island or across country. Specific policy would be provided after you submit destinations of islands or countries you desire to travel at the time of booking.

You are advised to consult the rental counter about related restrictions and fees prior to your trip and read Rental Agreement carefully. Final invoice will specify the charges incurred.


Drive Safe

Please observe local traffic laws and regulations while driving. Do not make any phone calls or hand-held calls that may impede safe driving.

Pets-free and Smoke-free

You must not take a pet into the vehicle or smoke in the vehicle.

Keep the Vehicle Clean

You shall return the vehicle under the same cleaning conditions in which it was delivered. Otherwise, you might be charged cleaning costs.

Keep the Contract

Retain the contract and invoices until pre-authorization of your credit card thaws. In the case of disputes, We will refer to these documents to maximize your rights and interests.

Other information

【Third Party Liability】 The maximum amount of coverage is NZD 1,000,000. The excess (deductible) on Third Party Liability is NZD 4,000-6,000, depending on the car group. 【Cross border/ island policy】 Crossing islands is allowed, but requires authorization from the supplier. For details please call and check with the supplier prior to rental. In case of returning to different location the one-way fee applies.

Pickup Information

Rental Counter is out of Airport. After collecting your luggage, please call 022 678 9976/09 200 0899 with New Zealand telephone to contact staff of rental company to arrange delivery service. Please note if you delay to pick up/drop off out of free working hour, staff would charge 50NZD for picking up/dropping off.

Dropoff Information

Please contact the rental staff 20 minutes in advance and return the car to the rental counter; staff would send you back to airport. 50NZD (and extra rental fee) would be charged if you need change the time to return the car outside opening hour because of personal issues.